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So today as I was driving home from work I was listening to the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. If you haven’t heard it, it’s a lovely compilation of really great artists, from The Smiths to Regina Spektor. Ever since I watched the film years ago I loved the soundtrack and I love listening to it every so often. There is a song on there from Simon and Garfunkel called Bookends. Everyone knows the amazing Sound of Silence and Mrs.Robinson whenever Simon and Garfunkel are mentioned, but this song is rarely spoken of.  It is nostalgic and romantic and soft and gentle. It is sad and happy and hopeful and so ridiculously beautiful, it is also very very short. I kept repeating the song over and over. It made driving through horrendous traffic much bearable. And I decided that if I had to pick a song that represents my soul I would pick Bookends.

    “Time it was and what a time it was,

      it was

      A time of innocence

      a time of confidences

      long a go it must be

      I have a photograph

      Preserve your memories

      they’re all that’s left you”

          – Simon and Garfunkel

This song completely encompasses everything that is my soul. The music is sweet, and the song makes you think of days gone by. There aren’t many lyrics but every word is poignant and meaningful and nostalgic. I myself am a very nostalgic person. Nostalgia is a wistfulness for the past and looking back and missing something you once had.  It can be bad to always be looking backwards at what once was and not looking toward the future. But I tend to feel nostalgia for times that haven’t happened yet. For children I might have, for tender moments with the one I love. I am nostalgic even for things that I’ve never experienced. I am also a romantic and I’m sure it plays into this. But how can you long for something you’ve never known? The little warm moments in between moments. I love and long for it all. Also, the title of this song is Bookends and my love of books cannot be missed with my love for this song. So yes that is why this song is a representation of my soul.

Hope you didn’t mind this ramble, I felt like it needed to be written and shared. Is there a song you feel this way about?

Until next time, Jeannete x