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A Day At The Arboretum

This past Saturday the weather was beautiful, sunny with a slight wind.  It was about 85-90 degrees, so it was really hot.  But it felt like the perfect day to do something out of the ordinary.  My husband Danny proposed to me in the Arcadia Arboretum because he knows how much I love that place. Since then I’ve been wanting to go back, however, one thing or another always prevented us from going.  I don’t know, maybe the stars were aligned just right, but Danny agreed to go to the Arboretum even though the day was so hot.  We only stayed about an hour and half but we will definitely be coming back and explore the rest of the arboretum when it’s not as warm. 

The city of Arcadia’s logo is a Peacock, and you can find many of them roaming around the neighborhoods, but they obviously look more at home in the Arboretum’s beautiful gardens.

The right side of the Arboretum is divided into Africa and Australia – showcasing different plants and trees that grow in those countries. There’s also a tropical greenhouse.  We didn’t explore those parts because as we looked at the map, it became clear what I wanted to see the most, which was the Queen Anne Cottage that was built in 1885, and that was located on the left side. I love historical buildings and the rose garden was next door so we made our way in that direction.

DSC00236Before reaching the Cottage we passed through the Prehistoric Forest which felt and smelled beautifully fresh.  The plants were so green, and it felt like we weren’t in the modern world.  DSC00240DSC00241

We also spotted these cute little turtles swimming around in a pond.


After a lovely walk, and a pineapple popsicle, we arrived at the Cottage.




The cottage was really adorable and when we peaked through those tall windows, the cottage was beautifully decorated inside.  I wished I was sitting in the quaint little table and chair sipping some tea and reading a book.  In one of the rooms though there were 2 mannequins of children playing with toys and that was actually really creepy! I imagined them roaming the house at night (chills!) haha.  A little further down the cottage there was a huge barn.


It was really dark inside so I didn’t take any photos, but there were old timey coaches parked inside and horse stables.  The time Danny and I got engaged we didn’t fully explore, and I had only been there once before in a field trip when I was really young.  So the Arboretum lived in my mind as a magical place, it didn’t disappoint! We followed the trail to the rose garden which made me feel like I was Mary discovering my own secret garden.





For the amount of time we were there we really explored quite a lot. Next time though, there will still be a lot left to discover.

Do you enjoy nature walks? Have you been to an Arboretum?

Jeannete x.