Hello, My name’s Jeannete and I’m 28 yrs old.  I have decided to start this blog as a sort of online journal to write about anything that I love or interests me. I have always played with the idea of starting a blog but never had the courage to.  However, I feel like it’s time to do things that I love, and writing is one of them.  My personality type is INFJ, so as an introvert, writing has always been my favorite form of communication.  I love to read, knit, play with my silly black cat Lumos, and spend time with my husband, Danny.  I tend to romanticize life, but I am ok with that. I appreciate the little things and seek magic in my ordinary life ✨ I hope you enjoy my blog.  I’m just starting out and still figuring things out so thank you for stopping by 🙂


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